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Welcome to St. Petersburg, the former capital of Imperial Russia, city of white nights as Dostoyevski mentioned in his famous book, House of Tsars, the city which is inspired from Venice and founded on the banks of the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland! St. Petersburg is one of the most visited cities in Russia and there are plenty of reasons behind it!

St. Petersburg has always been an important city throughout history. The reason why the architecture, city monuments and museums have unique aspects. In fact, the State Hermitage Museum has artefacts over 3 million and if you spend 1 minute on each piece of art, it will literally take a decade to finish your visit! Make no mistake, the city's cultural heritage is not limited to that, you can find 8.000 landmarks in St. Petersburg.

If you ask what else is unique about the city, we could say white nights. You can experience white nights for 3 weeks every summer. The phenomenon which allows you to see sunlight practically for the whole day shapen the city’s cultural activities as well. At this time of year, the city never sleeps. You can join festivals, opera and orchestral performances, ballet performances and late night walking tours! St. Petersburg is one of the most romantic cities of the World at this time of year. As speaking of romantic cities, Tsar Peter the 1st desired a city like Venice and founded St. Petersburg on islands which are connected by water. Therefore there are 341 bridges in the city of St. Petersburg. Briefly, we could say that St. Petersburg is a vast, interesting and surprising city. If you choose wisely where to go or what to see, it can be one of the best experiences you ever had. Need some help there? Let’s check our local profiles and choose your guide who will show you the most unique places in St. Petersburg!

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