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Bohemian Berlin. In most of the old European cities, we are used to seeing flowered balconies, colorful houses and streets full of history. However, we will not come across any of these in Berlin. The city was destroyed during wars but over the years it became a multicultural capital. Berlin is home to many cultures today and it is one of the most popular destinations for thousands of tourists every year with its numerous museums, art galleries and lively nightlife. Your Berlin local guide will be with you to feel the spirit of the city and make you feel like a Berliner during your journey. Let’s have a quick look to Berlin to design your Berlin private tour at its best!

Berlin, which is one of the 16 states of Germany, is located between the Havel and Spree rivers in the northeast of the country. Reflecting the bohemian spirit of Europe, Berlin is the largest city in the country and also one of the cultural capitals of Europe. Berlin has many things that a travel buff seeks for: history, art, streets and museums waiting to be discovered.

Your Berlin tour guide will be thinking all the little details and help you to feel the spirit of the city to learn its history and discover new places. You can just enjoy Berlin.

Before starting your Berlin private tour, it is good to know that you can turn your journey into an alternative experience, the only thing you need to do is to tell your Berlin tour guide how you would like to design your guided tour in Berlin. Let’s make an alternative introduction for Berlin. You can start with Museum Island. After visiting the historical part, you can dive into the streets and see graffiti artworks. While visiting magnificent Gothic buildings, you can also take a look at sub-cultural areas of Berlin. When your Berlin local guide plans for you, you can have some tips about colorful spots.

Kreuzberg: In recent years, it has become an alternative point, you can find many things to do here. Drink beer or coffee at hipster pubs and cafes. If you choose coffee, you can go to Five Elephant Coffee. join night parties, go to Watergate, see graffities and taste street food or eat the best hamburger in the city. Your Berlin local guide will be your entrance ticket to the best night events in Kreuzberg.

Mitte: It is exactly in the middle of the city as its German name refers. Discover Alexanderplatz, visit Holocaust Memorial, take a break at Tiergarten and enjoy view of Berlin from Berliner Dom and walk on beautiful Unter den Linden.

Friedrichshain: Cross Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge) from Kreuzberg, look at Spree River. Do not skip a nice walking experience to the whole East side Gallery. Take a look at vintage or second hand stores and flea markets which always have a potential to surprise someone with unbelievably authentic and quality products.

Prenzlauer Berg: This place is getting more and more popular everyday. Have a coffee break from one of the third wave coffee places. If you take a small tour, you can come across art galleries, night clubs.

Charlottenburg: One of the luxurious districts of the city with its elegant buildings, bookstores, old cinemas and jazz clubs. Visit Charlottenburg Palace and Kaiser Wilhelm Church, walk on Kurfürstendamm for shopping.

These are just a few of what you can do in Berlin. Berlin can seem to you different every time you visit and the city is capable of surprising you even though you have visited before. Because it is one of the unique cities to discover touristic activities and local places at the very same route. Your Berlin local guide will accompany you with all the information you may need throughout the tour and help you to discover all hidden gems of Berlin. Check out the Berlin local guide profiles to design your experience. Bohemian Berlin is waiting for you!