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Antalya, Turkey
English, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, Panjabi, Punjabi
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About saba

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About saba

Hi, My name is Saba and I am from Pakistan, although I have been living and studying in Antalya,Turkey since 2015. I am enrolled at Akdeniz University as a bachelor's student in department of Business Administration. I am turning 23 this year. I am a passionate traveler, always interested in meeting new people and listening to their life stories and that also explains why I am interested in becoming a Local. I have been to around 20 countries so far, therefore I am a flexible person with a strong sense of cross cultural understanding. I can always pull up interesting conversations with everyone. Besides, I don't travel just for fun rather I consider traveling a teacher, whenever possible I try to travel with a purpose. I was in Poland for more than 5 months for my Erasmus Exchange, then I was in Sri Lanka for more than 2 months as a volunteer, I also volunteered in Ukraine for a month as an ESL Teacher. In my free time, I like to watch movies, read books, sketch some times, and most of all just go out for a walk and explore the most beautiful city ever that I am fortunate to live in- Antalya. I am a nature lover and Antalya is a perfect place for someone like me. If you happen to be in my city for a day, I would first take you to the top of a mountain with a cablecar, so you can catch a bird's-eye view of the city and the endless Mediterranean, get a breakfast there. After that depending upon the weather, I would recommend taking a dip into the sea. For lunch I cantake you to a famous street here, after which you can take a walk in the old city, go to a park just next to the see offering the best ever panoramic view of the sea and the mountains in background. Watch the sunset there, have a waffle or any Turkish traditional sweet, enjoy some live music nearby and take a long walk along the coast. This way you ll have a chance to witness nature, enjoy some vibrant city moments, get the traditional food and learn about the culture as well as experiences of a foreigner living in Turkey. I am a multilingual and I can of course help with the language if required. I can accompany during weekdays as well as weekend but untill around 10-11 pm, not later than that. Feel free to contact me for any further details :)



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