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About Asimina

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About Asimina

Hello. Welcome to my tour guide profile. My name is Mina, I am 22 years old and I'm a full time English teacher. I have also a degree on teaching the Greek language as a second or a foreign language. I absolutely adore Athens and its vibes as the capital of Greece. I love the ambiance in the city's center and I think it's worth discovering everyday.

Things to do in Athens with Asimina

Athens is one of the most ancient cities in the world. Massive monuments of big importance like the Parthenon are eye candy to the crowd to this day. From the full experience of the magnificent Acropolis to the urban life of Athens. New and old, gourmet restaurants and traditional taverns with the infamous souvlaki and pies, vintage, retro and modern, I can show you what my city has to offer. And trust me, it's a lot! ❤️

Nightlife in Athens with Asimina

Nightlife in Athens has everything. The cult experience of bouzoukia, with traditional Greek music, dancing and the classic dish-smashing where everyone has a fun night is a must to the tourists. Small bars in Koukaki, Psurri and Gazi are my favourite way to spend my night. Hidden in small streets, you cannot find them even if you're looking for them. Pure authenticity. For the tourists that want to live the authentic lifestyle but have children, Athens has to offer taverns with music, named as "koutoukia" or "rakadika" that can satisfy with their food and wine everyone.



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