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Athens, Greece
Greek, Modern, English, German, Spanish; Castilian
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About Eirini

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About Eirini

Hello Family , My name is Irini and i’m from Greece. I am 23 years old and i have graduated Tourism Management and i have done 6 months Coaching. From now i work as a waitress in Voula place. Regarding my hobbies, i like sports very much. I was an athlete in almost all sports till i was in a little age until before 1 year ( sport & field), i also, like bicycle i have a cup from this sport from a race. , playing volleyball , i like travelling and meet new people with different cultures & traditions, Furthermore, i like exploring new places and shops with food ( restaurants - cafeterias and others! ! I love the world! ? Still, i prefer tasting new foods but my favourite is greek - traditional cousine,( mousakas, pastitsio, potatoes with chicked baced...) !!! subsequently , i want to share that i have a pet , a puppy ? and i love it so much. I love animals. Mine has light brown color and his name is Ermis ! My favourite part in Greece is everything ?? cause im in love with my country and my city. I live in Glyfada it’s near the sea and the shops! I visit Athens( center ) very often because i like taking pictures and capturing the moment ! The best place is in plaka where are many cafeterias and you can see all athens almost! If i had 4-6 hours for a guest i would start from the beaches which are very fabulous and after we would go to the center to see the museums , the Acropolis, the Parthenon , the Liccabettus, the Parliament , the shopping area , Plaka!! Also, if i had late evening guest i would show him the view from Lucabbetus and have a lunch there , After we would go to Asteroscope to see the stars from there , Monastiraki too is a good idea to listen the musicians play their instruments and walk , and buy things from people who sell different things there. For the end , it will be lovely to go to Keramikos place let them entertain in clubs! I wanted from always to be Part of Greece! I think is one of the most beautiful countries in world! People are very good and they try the best to keep this country unique ! I love my city because there has to many thing to do! To continue, I want to spend time with guests at day / evening! Weekends and weekdays!! I have a car but it’s family car so i have few times that i can take it! It would be ideal, To show the guests, the beaches , food & restaurants, Art & Museums Spa & Wellness Personal Assistance & Translation Exploration & Sightseeing Shopping History & Culture Sports & Recreation!! I like to meet new people ! So, I would like to share with them the beauty of the city and listen about their lives and the cultures in their country! . Also, it’s a great way to make a new friends and learn new things that will help you as a person and in my work too!



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