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About Giota

I would love to show to others the way i am seeing my country



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Guest Reviews

  • Gabor
    17 September 2019
    After arriving back home from my Athens vacation, I needed some time to get settled. The last few days that I have spend in the magical city were just so amazing and intense, it’s hard to find the words to express feelings. Even though I was not totally new in Athens, I was lucky enough to spend some time there a few decades ago, and I am delighted and deeply touched in a very positive way. I found Giota here @ LocalExperience.co. Registration and initial contact with the company was very smooth, they provided all information as necessary, and also provided contact to Giota. And that’s when the magic started. About 2 weeks before my trip we already had mutual contact with question going to and from. She asked exactly what I was interested, and so we’ve discusses the plan for the city tour. According to my schedule I’ve arrived to Athens a few days earlier than our city tour plan was settled, and though we did not meet before, Giota happily answered every question or request I might have had. About the city-walk that we discussed, Giota was minute-by minute punctual. We met where we discussed, and when we discussed, and my trip just started. Walking all the way Athens, seeing what is there to be seen, hearing about the history and finding places I’ve never even knew they existed… Visiting historical places and new ones. Walking on the same roads and stones, where thousands of people walked thousands of years ago, listening to stories told by my private tour guide... Incredible experience. Giota was very enthusiastic, tireless, easy going, with deep knowledge, resourceful and if I had any questions she would immediately answer them. And she also had recommendations and suggestions for the whole time I spend in the city. And she also made it possible to have my sunset too! I’ll never forget it! :) Magnificent! I have had memories from old times, and now these memories have expanded with new memories, and I hope with new friends too. I would seriously recommend anyone to choose Giota for their Athens tour. Seeing and getting to know the city, the Greek culture, and hospitality through her eyes, makes one never want to leave Athens and always return to it. Thank you Giota!!
(1 reviews)
€10 / hr
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