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Baku, Azerbaijan
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About Zahid

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About Zahid

Hi! My name is Zahid. I'm 20 years old. I'm originally from Zaqatalaya . I'm studying bachelor degree of electrical engineering. I like to play football, read books, watch movies, travel, discover new things and meet new people round the world. I'm a food lover, so i like to try different cousins. I think one of my favorite is pizza. Currently i live in Baku already 4 years. Baku very beautiful and very crowded city. My favorite place is Icheriseher and favorite part is Maiden Tower. I think i would start from the most famous place as Icheriseher, the national part of seaside shortly Boulvar) , Nizami Street. In addition to this i would bring tourists to beaches and shopping. It would the great first to show the night views of Baku from Highland Park. Then i would bring them to Nizami street for fell crowd in the heart of city. I would like to show them a local clubs and pubs. When i was 12, I visited Baku at first time. After that i fell in love with this city. It's gorgeous, beautiful and amazing city. I would like to spend my time with tourists evening and night during the weekdays and weekend. I don't have any car to pick tourists up from their place. I would like to show my tourists Nightlife, Beach, Food & Restaurants, Art & Museums, Personal Assistance & Translation, Exploration & Sightseeing, Shopping, History & Culture. I like to meet new people round the world. So, I would like to share with them my experience and listen about their country..



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