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About Beatrix

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About Beatrix

Hi there! My name is Beatrix and I'm 24 years old. I was born in Indonesia but in a different city. I've been living in Bali for more than a year. I like to travel myself. I'm also still exploring this beautiful island but I don't want to be doing some exploring alone. I know how hard it is to find a friend or guide at a new place with foreign languange and different cultures. That's why I would like to be your local, well not entirely a local, but I can help you with communication, translation and giving you a fulfilled trip that you will actually enjoy and remember for the rest of your life

Things to do in Bali with Beatrix

I'm a Millennial, so I will bring you to the most sought after place to visit in Bali, Millennials style. If you like to run, we can go running or jogging by Sanur, Mertasari, or Nusa Dua Beach or we can be more zen and do some yoga at Ubud. In the afternoon we can chill at which Bali was known for, beach clubs or we can hang by the beaches of Canggu, listening to your favorite song with our speaker on and some fresh juice or beer and a little snack until the sun starts to set. After sunset, we can enjoy some seafood by the beach and enjoy the rest of the night chatting, laughing and taking pictures. Or I leave the planning to you. You can go anywhere and anything here in Bali, I will be your travel companion. How is that sound? Pretty good right?

Nightlife in Bali with Beatrix

There's many option for nightlife activities here in Bali. Popular bars and clubs with room pack with people and loud music with international DJ's. There's also places with more tranquil vibe where you can actually talk, drink and can still dance to the music enjoying the night.



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