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Bali, Indonesia
English, Indonesian
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About Gabriella

Book Your Local Guide Gabriella in Bali!

About Gabriella

Hi! This is Gabriella. I'm 22 years old and I'd love to be your local guide in Bali. I can speak English and Indonesian. Exploring Bali is not difficult, you can actually do it on your own! But you don't want to be stuck in all tourist spots and missed the hidden gem, right? And traveling with a local is always a plus point! I am down to explore with you, have a nice beach day, be your friend while you're traveling here, and you can name the rest! :)

Things to do in Bali with Gabriella

What I can offer you: 1. "Hidden" beautiful beaches 2. Less-crowded bars 3. Local foods



Food & Drinks
Personal Assistance & Translation
SPA & Beaches
Walk & Discovery
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€13 / hr
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