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About Ganty

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About Ganty

Hey hey ! My name is Gima, I am a 26 years old and I live in Paradise island call Bali. I speak English not fluent (yet) but keep learning everyday, and ofc I speak fluent my own language Bahasa Indonesia. Bali is beautiful island, Beaches, waterfalls, rice fields, Mountains, and many more. I just cant wait to show you around!

Things to do in Bali with Ganty

As I said , so many things we can do in Bali This is some of it : 1. Surf ! If you like or want to try sufr I will help to make it happen . 2. The Beaches, we had quite a lots of beach in Bali ( black and white sand ) and the sunset always complete your day. 3. The town Of Ubud, In the uplands of Bali in there we can visit Monkey florest, the Rice teracce, and waterfalls. 4. East Bali, many tamples with the mountains view, And some water gardens. And many more , Bali surrounded by small beautiful island also worth to visit .

Nightlife in Bali with Ganty

Not far from the ocean , we have a lot of Beach club, and Beach party with Hip Hop or Techno music. The party in Bali is 7/7 you can always find a busy crazy party everyday from Monday till Sunday. and the we also have many clubs , live music, and nice bars .



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