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About Julianita

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About Julianita

Hi my name is Julia, i have live in Kuala Lumpur and Sydney before .. and i also love to travel and sometimes i just wish someone could go around with me during my visit in a new place... that is why, through this platform , i hope i could be the person that help you to discover the island without getting scam and facing difficulties

Things to do in Bali with Julianita

Bali life is island life, thus discovering beautiful beaches is a must... moreover, now around bali, there is a chance to do island hoping.. discovering other smaller island that still pure, natural and more peaceful... because here in Bali, is quite a busy island with lots of attractions, tourist spots, hang out place and obviously lots of hype beach club.. but, quite and serenity also could be found around the higher ground.. basically coming to Bali will fulfill any holiday needs...and i wish to accompany you around..

Nightlife in Bali with Julianita

There are plenty of bar, beach club, clubs, beach bar, and many more choice for you to choose... from fancy expensive to cheaper one is possible to find.. the type of visitor to the bar also possible to be categorized, there are bar that local people like to visit, bar that european like to visit, and so on.. i could give suggestions for all of that above :)



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