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About Ni Komang

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About Ni Komang

Cheers! I am Komang, local Baliness. I born and raised in Bali. Bali is full of spirits. When talk about the tourism and people, so there's a gap of it, we do offer the tourism but when tourist come the local may be not that easy to elaborate the message that thay want to tell. Some of them (local) avoid the tourist because of lack ability to language. I learn a lot from my tradition and tourism, since 10 y.o, I love traveling and meet people is my favorite. Also, I am a good story teller with based on fact and local tradition and culture. Please come and I tell you an interesting story behind the journey :)

Things to do in Bali with Ni Komang

Bali has a lot destination, here I put some places and activities you may surprise: 1. Beach and Touristic Place : Canggu, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran 2. Cuture and Tradition: Ubud, Uluwatu 3. Food and Cuisine: everyhere in Bali 4. Adventures: North Bali 5. Local Living: Tabanan, North Bali, Tegalalang 6. Local shopping: Ubud You may easy find out or googling it, but you never know if the place exactly like you have seen in the internet. Be independent is good travelers, but with local will be better and meaningful. I assist you to have a meaningful journey along your traveling. The way I introduce the destination is not only the place or touristic place but the story behind it or the experiences. I will always give you a picture or recommendation of journey, and you will have preparation of it.

Nightlife in Bali with Ni Komang

During tour i will not only become you guide, but you travel partner. So we can elaborate together which place do you like to visit. (Food, a scooter, a homestay : we can find along the tour) I offer you a tailor-made traveling, so we not stuck on place that common people know. Let's discover a new place with me!



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Ni Komang
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