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About Apichaya

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About Apichaya

Hi, it’s Bia right here. I’m 100% even if ppl think I might be Korean or Chinese. Lol. After graduated from high-school i’ve been living in Rangsit near my uni, Thammasat for 4 years now. Actually, I was born in Rayong where there’s a famous island called ‘Koh Samed’ is located. So if you’re getting tired of Bangkok and you want me to show you around Rayong, let me be your tour guy 😉

Things to do in Bangkok with Apichaya

There’s plenty of landmarks i can show you. But It’s all up to your lifestyle also. I can adjust it how you want. And as you know I can show you both Rayong or Bangkok. So here are some example adjusted to your lifestyle ( we can talk about that later) • Rayong So if you like beaches, nature yes, Koh Samed is a must! You’re probably yawn and say everybody know this place, you’re right but it’s one of an amazing island i’m so proud of. It’s not a big one but it’s so full of life! And Rayong has something more than just beaches (most of em are very clean and not too crowded tho) , also there’s a beautiful waterfall, delicious seafood and tropical fruits! I can’t wait to show you what’s good there :) • Bangkok One big city here has literally almost everything, not much of nature tho. But i know lots of place for shopping, sightseeing, partying and etc. Lemme know if you’re bored of cliche landmarks you can found on internet when you googled Bangkok. I can show you authentic local places with not many tourists too. Let’s make it happen! I promise you won’t regret it!

Nightlife in Bangkok with Apichaya

I’m not really a party girl (even if ppl don’t believe that) but i do know exactly how to have fun and spreading all that to others. So if you’re new here, first time in Bangkok we can start with Khaosan Road (well, baby steps) and then try some bar around Silom area that will rock your word! (only if you’re not homophobia) and maybe some secret club that only the locals know. Question is, what kind of music do you like? 😉



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