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About Boro

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About Boro

Hello, travelers! My name is Boro. I've been in Belgrade for the past 7 years. I've graduated with a Master Degree in Computer science. This is my current occupation: programming Android applications. However, other than my job, I like to socialize and meet new people, especially radiating ones. Many travelers, as well as places, carry energy; it works for Belgrade also. It's a large city but as a student, I've been exploring it in various ways, and have some tips & tricks. Great, domestical, impossible to love, food? Yes. The old city fortress (Kalemegdan), with the walls, towers, sights, luna-park and Zoo? Yes. Nightlife, any type of music, any day in a week? Yes. Stroll through the busy streets to visit the most important landmarks? Yes. A break with the handcrafted chocolate and a coffee? Yes. Somersby and pistachios, chilling in the sun? Of course. Kayaking? Cycling? A tour outside of the city? Just say it. I was a junior chess champion, we can throw a game in the park if you'd want! I have a new car and can pick you up wherever you want. Let's meet and have fun together!



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