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Belgrade, Serbia
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About Nenad

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About Nenad

Hey guys, my name is Nenad and I am 23 years old. I was born in Montenegro and I have lived in Montenegro until 2012. In September 2012 I started my professional football career in Belgrade Serbia. I retired in 2015 due to injury. In the meantime, I finished high school for tourism and inrolled in the Faculty of the Law University of Belgrade and I will graduate soon. I have been doing tours and sightseeing visits since 2010 so I can pretty much say that I am experienced in it. For the past seven years, I have been doing tours and approximately I do around 10 tours or sightseeing each month with foreign tourists and also with citizens of Serbia when it comes to national days or visits to churches and Monasteries. I have good knowledge of the history of Serbia and tourist attractions throughout since I have studied that for four years. When it comes to arranging tours here, the possibility of communication between you as travelers and me as a guide so we can arrange for you to better explore Serbia and to see what you have planned and few other things that I think that that is best for your taste of culture. Also, the thing that makes everything easier is that I have my car so it is easier to visit the whole Serbia with it and it costs a lot less than usual way and it is easier to organize. For every wish that you have about Serbia and getting to know it better, I am here to make it possible. My main goal for you is that you have a pleasant time here, that you enjoy it to the maximum and of course that you have a wish to come back to Serbia someday or to recommend it to your friends and family. And of course, for us to become good friends!

Things to do in Belgrade with Nenad

I can provide you with information and cultural heritage of every place in Serbia and especially in Belgrade. I have been educated in the history of Serbia and its monuments and protected places. Besides that, I own a car so every possible transport is available in Serbia for groups of 4 or under, there is also possibility of arrangements for bigger groups. One of the services that I also provide is experience in the nightlife of Belgrade which is best in Serbia and well known.



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Guest Reviews

  • Najeeb
    21 September 2019
    Nenad is a great friend and good company He is very helpful and supportive Me and my friends surely recommend him
(1 reviews)
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