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Belgrade, Serbia
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About Vuksan

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About Vuksan

Hello! My name is Vuksan. I’m 26 years old. And I’m originally from Belgrade. I like traveling and visiting many places .I like to watch football and to play it also! My another hobby is reading. I’m a food lover, so I like to try different types of food.One of my favorite dishes is Serbian Steak) Currently I live in Belgrade. And last 3 years I was living in Doha, Qatar. lready year. Belgrade is very beautiful city and very inspirational, with many historical buldings. My favorite place is Kalemegdan in city center. During daytime I would start a tour from the most famous places as Svetog Save church, Kalemegdan forest and Belgrade historical places and museums. After I would bring quests to shopping malls Usce and Delta city .If guests would like to see more then I will bring them to Avala tower where they can enjoy amazing view of the city from the top floor. During nighttime It would be great first to show the rivers of city from Usce. Then I would bring them to Skadarlija where guest will be able to choose best food in this part of Europe! I would like to show them a local clubs and pubs because Belgrade nightlife is amazing! I was working in biggest hotel in middle east as supervisor of guest relations department So I have many things to share with people And I like making new friends



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