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Brasov, Romania
Spanish; Castilian, English, Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan
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About Visan

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About Visan

Hi, I’m Denisa. I have 21 years old. I was born in Sinaia, a Romanian city but I grow up in Spain . I finished the high school and since 3 years now I’m working as aquisition agent . I chossed Brasov to live because is such a beautiful city surrounded by nature and peace. I am an open mind person with incredible hobbies as dancing, singing and acting. My favourite cuisone is represented by mexican food. I got two pets, a cat and a dog and trust me if I had the space maybe my home would turn into a zoo. The favorite part of my city is actually the people. If I got a guest for 4-6 hours I’d start by showing the the historyal center, the Black Church, the amaizing views we got here for example from the top of Tampa and not on the last place Poiana Brasov. Also I’ll bring them to the best restaurant to let them try the incredible Romanian food. My uncle was the first who lived in Brasov and usually I came to visit him and that’s how I fell in love with the city. The better time I could spend with the guests will be in weekend. I don’t have a car, actually I don’t have yet my licence. I can show them the nightlife, shopping center, food and restaurant, I can help them with translations and show them the most beautiful places of our city. I see this opportunity amaizing because I alwas loved to meet people, I always loved to change experiences , cultures and because I belive our city has a lot to show to the outside .



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