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About Voicu

My name is Florance. I was born in Bucharest ( Roumania) and i am 21 years old. I am currently studying The Economy of Travel and Tourism at Roumanian American University . I am part of a small family buisiness and i administrate all things regarding it. I like to travel a lot , to meet new people , try local foods and going to gym. I ̓m an animal lover as well. I live with two beautiful dogs which i adore. Bucharest is a very beautiful city full of history and nice places. My favourite place is Piata Unirii , located in the city center.I For a day time tour I think i would start from the city center which has lots of historical builings , expecially the Palace of the Parliament, also known as the House of the People, is no doubt the most famous landmark of Romania’s communist period. One of the most impressive and controversial constructions in the world, the House of the People is an unforgettable symbol of a regime that irremediably reshaped the country’s history. Also , Calea Victoriei is one of the most visited areas of Bucharest .Stretching on 2.7 kilometers from United Nations Square to Victoriei Square, a walk on Victoriei Avenue is not only the best way to see the main historical and cultural attractions of the capital, but also an excellent starting point to explore Bucharest off the beaten track as the avenue intersects with smaller streets with their own old houses and monuments. In the evening the best choice is to taste from the Bucharest nights in the Old Town. Food , drinks , beautiful people and nice music? You have it all in the Old Town of Bucharest. I live in Bucharest since i was born and i used to visit new places with my grandma by bus or by foot. Today i love to discover places that nobody knows and to see the best views from the town( but that is secret and part of the local experience). I would love to meet new people from different cultures and create them beautiful memories by showing them the night life from Bucharest , the art and museums and for those more daring i invite them to be part of unique small trips around Bucharest.



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