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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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About Milanllela

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About Milanllela

Hello! My name is Milanllela but you can call me Millie (Mili), I'm 21 years old, I live in Buenos Aires and I'd love to be your guide on this amazing and great city. I speak Spanish, English and French so I can help you get around the city and enjoy everything Buenos Aires has to offer even if you don't speak Spanish. I'm not a BA native but I know the best places to visit as someone who didn't visit Buenos Aires before. We can visit places such as the Obelisk so you can take pictures with it, Buenos Aires Botanical Garden along with Buenos Aires Eco-Park where you can walk along the animals that were part of the former Zoo, Recoleta Cemetery, colorful Caminito with its history-filled streets, Ateneo Bookshop where you can not only take a breather and enjoy a book with some hot coffee, for the younger audience we can visit Recoleta's Cultural Center with its art expos and cultural activities such as the Hip-Hop area where you can dance hip-hop and breakdance and its drawing-room. This city has activities and places for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, what you want to do, I'm positive Buenos Aires has a place you can do it. Buenos Aires is extraordinarily friendly to tourists, its public transportation is very reliable and on time and it's just a small place in this huge country! Buenos Aires is a place you cannot miss on your vacations so if you plan to visit Buenos Aires you can hire me as your guide for the amazing experience that is visiting BA, I'll take you to the places you want to go according to what you want to do in his great city. You only live once so, why not visit Buenos Aires?



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