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About Melina

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About Melina

My name is Melina and I am 23 years old. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I live, study and work outside the capital. I am studying in Bernal to became a teacher of english, I am in the last year of collage. Also, I am working as a teacher of english of kids, teenagers and adults in Sarandi in an English Institute. I have a pet, a little dog called chiqui that my family and I rescued from the street years ago. I love painting, taking pictures, eating and drinking. There is always something new to see or to try in Buenos Aires. My favourite part of the city is San Telmo and Puerto Madero because there are a lot of places to go, such as restaurants, bars or market streets if you are interested in food. Also, there are museums, parks and different places to do sightseeing. If I had to be in the city for 4 or 6 hours, I would go to a museum, MAMBA in San Telmo if I can choose, then I would go to a restaurant near there. After lunch, I would go the market street and Dorrego park. Finally, I would go to puerto madero where you can walk, ride a bike or rollerblade and the most important thing to me, you can take pictures. At the end of the day, I would drink a cup of coffe o drink mate that that is what argentinians do. However, If i had to be in the city at night, I would start with a meal in a bar, drinking bear, then I would go to Obelisco to get a great picture of that monuement and go to the theatre in Corrientes street. Unfortunately, I do not have my own car and I do not have licence neither so I use the public transport but I think that that is the funny part, using the bus or the underground in a different country because you will have the chance to know how argentinian travel and get to places that may be you did not know that exists. For example, one day, when I was younger, I was in San telmo, walking, trying to find I place it was recommended to me but instead I found a beautiful and little bookshop that looked like from an old movie. That is why I believe San telmo is my favourite place and that not using your own car is uselful in a way. To sum up, I want to do this because I think is an excellent way to know new people from other countries, and I believe that it would be a great way to practice my english outside the classroom, and, in my opinion, it is an excellent way to know Argentina outside from google maps says.



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