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About Sencer

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About Sencer

Hi! I'm Sencer or you can call me with my international name, which is Spencer. I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in Bursa. I got my undergraduate degree in Political Science at Uludag University and I am currently enrolled in a master's degree in Global Affairs and International Relations. Throughout my university life, I engaged with various non-profit organizations that enabled me to meet with people from all around the world and show-case my beloved Bursa. I define myself as a cultural ambassador of my city. I find joy in showing the beauties and enabling people to experience the daily life of Bursa. I am professionally working for a corporate foundation, dealing with technical and vocational training and international projects. I like meeting new people from different backgrounds, traveling, camping, dancing, and snowboarding. I have been to 15 countries on 3 different continents up until now. Even if I have tried foods from different cultures, Turkish cuisine is still my favorite. Especially Turkish Mantı(Dumpling) and Iskender Kebab. I do not have a pet but I love animals. I used to pet dogs, rabbits, fish back in my childhood. If I had you for 4-6 hours during the daytime, We would complete my standard walking tour of historical Bursa. We would start with Tophane(the old Bursa City Walls), and tombs of Sultan Osman and Orhan( the founder of the Ottoman Empire and 2nd Sultan) then we would visit some “Hanlar Bölgesi” and historical Grand Bazaar. On our way, we would definitely try some Street food and sit at Koza Han where we would rest and have our Turkish Coffee in one of the peaceful Environments. Then we would visit the Grand Mosque, Green Tomb and eventually the city museum. If I had you for 4-6 hours during night time, we would start our night with a nice supper. Then in accordance with your preferences, we would choose a place to have fun. Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and obtains different places for various activities. Yet, my favorite part would be the Botanical Garden or Historical “Cumalıkızık” village. There is this metaphorical story of mine about meeting new people. Everyone is wearing invisible glasses of a different color. And when you get to know someone, even for a minute, you get to absorb his/her color into your glasses. Therefore, through meeting with new people, you add more colors into your glasses and eventually you widen your perspective. My friends would describe me as an easy-going and open-minded person. I truly believe in my inner motivation and positive vibe which I always try to spread in the environment I am in. One of the duties of mine in one of the international organizations, I volunteered for almost 3 years in Bursa was to ease the process of adaptation of foreigners who came to Bursa to work or volunteer. That’s why I experienced both individual and group tours all around Bursa, and help my foreigner friends with any kind of problem such as; shopping, traveling, formal processes, special needs, etc. Due to my philosophy ( which I explained with a metaphor above) and my experience I believe I am of great help under any conditions. I can help you experience the activities below: Nightlife Beach Food & Restaurants Art & Museums Spa & Wellness Personal Assistance & Translation Exploration & Sightseeing Shopping Pick up & Driving History & Culture Sports & Recreation Nightlife It would be a pleasure to show you my city, let you experience both the daily life and nightlife of Bursa and taste real Turkish-Ottoman food, help you breathe the history and feel the nature of Bursa. I can arrange my evenings for you if you let me know a week in advance. When it comes to daytime, I can be at your service in my off days which are Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, I do not have a car to pick you up but I can arrange any kind of transportation service you demand. Do not hesitate to contact me at all! I would gladly help you both physically and virtually!



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