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About Ákos

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About Ákos

Hey! I am Ákos, a 20 years old hungarian student living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am currently studying Marketing Management in Kongens Lyngby. Before I have been studying in Hungary in a german school and besides my normal high school degree I have managed to complete an additional professional degree in Tourism Management. I was always interested in travelling, especially when travelling is combined with unique experiences. I love sightseeing, that is why I travel mostly, but exploring a country's culture by art, food and local life is a totally different experience. I have experienced Copenhagen myself as a foreigner first, and fell in love with the city very quickly, and by now I feel like I know most of it, although you can never run out of fun things to do here. When my friends or my family visits me here, I always take them for a budget friendly stroll around the city, starting with Rosenborg Palace, including a beautiful view from Christiansborg, Amalienborg, Marmorkirken, Rundetaarn, Stroget, ending in an hour long Hygge in a cafe with some chai latte. If somebody would like to experience the Copenhagen night life, the best is to start with checking out the city lights in the center and the Opera on the seaside, and then visit the most famous pubs in the center trying some Carlsberg, Tuborg and famous happy hour cocktails. Obviously if the night goes well, from the pubs we can go straight to the club until next morning.



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