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About Ahmed

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About Ahmed

What is your name? Ahmed aka Carlos / Ace Where were you born? Ras Alkhaimah a beautiful city close to Dubai How old are you? Im 22 years old What have you studied or currently studying? I almost have a bachelor degree in cyber security and pursuing masters What do you do in city? I like hanging out with friends and discover new places Hobbies? I like sports , traveling and meeting new people round the world. Favorite cuisine? It’s a little bit hard question. I’m a food lover, so I like to try different cousins. I think one of my favourites is Italian food. Do you have a pet? If yes, what type of pet? I’m an animal lover as well. I have a dog back home. What is the favorite part of your city? The views in the night are so amazing and you never run out of places to go modern or cultural. If you have a guest during daytime, what will you show in 4-6 hours. I think I would start from the most famous places as Burj Al arab , Atlantis the palm Jumeirah and some malls . After I would bring quests to shopping places as Dubai outlet, Ibn battuta mall and Dubai mall . Then we would go to Dubai frame to see all of modern and old Dubai . If guests would like to see more then I will bring them to the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa where they can enjoy amazing view of the city from at the top and also watch the dubai fountains. If you have a guest during evening and nighttime, where will you bring the guest in 4-6 hours. It would be great first to show the colors of city from Galata Bridge. Then I would bring them to Taksim where guest will be able to choose what entertainment they want. For example, I would like to show them a local clubs and pubs. What is your unique story of your presence in the city? I have lived here my whole life and loved it and will do because it is amazing and I as a local who has friends from all around the world so I was always taking my friend's families around in the Uae not just Dubai. What part of the day can you spend time with guests? weekdays : After 2 pm Weekends: whole day Do you have a car to pick guests up from their place? Yes What type of experience would you like to show your guests? Nightlife Beach Food & Restaurants Art & Museums Spa & Wellness Personal Assistance & Translation Exploration & Sightseeing Shopping Pick up & Driving History & Culture Sports & Recreation Nightlife 100% emarati life experience Different cities other than dubai with beautiful beaches and mountains Why do you want to be a local in your city? I like to meet new people round the world. So, I would like to share with them my experience and listen about their country. Also, it’s a great way to make a new friends.



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