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Andreas Mulia
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
English, Indonesian
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About Andreas Mulia

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About Andreas Mulia

Hello ? I am Andreas. I was born in Indonesia. I am 24 years old. And I live here in Dubai since 2017. Dubai has been my second home. I am currently working here in Dubai in Tourism Industry. I helped a lot of people who love to enjoying the city of Dubai. I love Traveling a lot so that is why I graduated my bachelor degree in Tourism Management. I am fruits lover. I am so passionate about fruits all around the world. I love French cuisine and especially my hometown cuisine, Indonesia. I love cooking at home. I love to cook seafood that I usually buy in fresh market. What I love in Dubai is seeing the unbelievably man made of skyscrapers and attractions that you never experience before in any country in this world. My favorite place is Spice Souq ‘to witness people bargaining’, Global Village ‘get lost in countries within stall’, and spend time to have cup of Tea on the shores like JBR and La Mer. In daytime, I would suggest 2 differences area of Dubai which are Old Dubai and New Dubai. In new Dubai, I would to take you to a stunning building of ‘The Most Luxury Hotel in the world’ Burj Al Arab, taking picture in The Pointe with view of Atlantis Hotel in Palm Jumeirah ‘the largest reclamation island in the world’, then visit Dubai Mall to shopping as world’s largest shopping mall in the world. Taking picture with view of Burj Khalifa is a must while strolling around here in Dubai Mall. During evening, I would love to take you to experience the Safari in desert while enjoying traditional dances in camp and dune bashing in the middle of desert in Dubai, or you might enjoy to see the beautiful of Dubai Creek in the deck of traditional boat ‘Dhow cruise’. I fell in love with Dubai and even more. This is beautiful city and modern. So I would love to share with guests about my experience. I love meeting new people and would love to hear the story about their country. Great way to make a new friend.



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Andreas Mulia
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