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About Sandeep

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About Sandeep

My name is Sandeep and I was born and brought up in Dubai. I am twenty two years old and an engineering graduate. I can easily strike up a conversation with someone I’ve just met and I genuinely enjoy socializing & meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. My hobbies keep changing as I tend to get bored of one hobby over a relatively short period of time but one thing that I’ve been doing consistently for quite a few years now is photography. I really enjoy taking pictures of any living thing and I feel that my photo is a success if I’m able to tell a story through it. Apart from that, I enjoy going on random drives without any destination in my mind. I’ve explored all the 7 states that make up the United Arab Emirates and for obvious reasons, my favorite has always been Dubai. I really enjoy traveling and exploring new places but I’ve only been to 8 countries (UAE, India, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Thailand) so far. The goal is cover 50+ countries by the time I turn 30. Out of the places that I’ve traveled to, I enjoyed staying in a small city called Brugge (Belgium). It’s not because it was the prettiest or the grandest of them all but it was because I felt really welcomed during my stay there. You must’ve seen a lot of people who eat like it’s their last meal on this planet and yet manage to stay skinny, I’m one of them. I love food in general and have visited 550+ restaurants in Dubai. Eating out in Dubai doesn’t have to be expensive and this is probably one of the few places in the world where you can experience such a very wide variety of cuisines. I don’t want to do a specific tour with all my guests and instead I’d like to tailor my tour of Dubai around my guests. Some of the things I personally enjoy doing in Dubai include staring at the Burj Khalifa from locations unknown to most residents and walking through the narrow alleyways of Al Ras (Old Dubai). One thing I can guarantee is that my guests will have tons of insta worthy pictures of themselves by the time I'm done with my tour.



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€14 / hr
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