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About Fergal

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About Fergal

Hi folks, I'm Fergal, it means "bright man" in Gaelic. Let's see! Please forgive my lack of reviews for the moment. While I have been guiding for nearly 10 years, I am delighted to be newly listed on this wonderful site! :) Born and bred in Dublin, in recent years I've been lucky enough to work in my home town. I love to be able to stroll through the city and take in whatever that day's offerings are. I rarely take larger groups now as I guess I prefer a style of guiding that is more based on a chat rather than a lecture. No matter where you are from, I hope that to some extent I will be able to draw comparison between the way we do things here and the way it's done in your neck of the woods. Sometimes it's nice to see that no matter how far the distance, we're really quite alike in many ways. It's incredibly important to me that my guests get an accurate and unbiased account of Ireland's history, culture and politics to name but a few, albeit given from a personal viewpoint. It's equally important to me that you enjoy your time in Dublin. A sense of fun, or 'craic' should be had by you and I throughout our time together, hopefully this comes across in some of the less serious photos I have uploaded. I'm a bit of a generalist in terms of my tours. In a good days sight seeing we should cover a good amount of not only what's to see in Dublin, but also discuss many topics that will give you a strong insight into life here. However, if you have special areas of interest that that we absolutely must cover, even in great depth, let me know and I'll sort it. In fact that goes for each of my tour itineraries. Being inflexible is a most un-Irish characteristic, so lets not be too rigid. So why not drop me a line and we'll go for a jaunt!

Things to do in Dublin with Fergal

Let's follow in the footsteps of the famous and fabled Molly Malone, through Dublin's Streets broad and narrow. If you ask me nicely, I'll sing a few bars of the song! This tour is ideal for the visitor that might only be passing through the city, or already has a busy itinerary and has just a few hours to spare. I want you to learn how our nations capital came to into being, was moulded over the centuries, and what she's like to live in today. So if it's your first time in town, on a short stroll we'll surely take in many of our most famous sites some of which you can see listed below. If you've been here before, or just want something a little different I will ask you a few quick questions when we meet, and know exactly where to bring you and what you'll appreciate most on a stroll around my home town. - Christchurch Cathedral - Dublin Castle - Temple Bar - The Ha'Penny Bridge - Henry Street & Moore Street - Statues of O' Connell Street - The G. P. O. - The River Liffey - (Trinity College if permitted) - Merrion Square - St. Stephen's Green - The Grafton Street area

Nightlife in Dublin with Fergal

There is one thing we can proudly say with certainty. . . "Ireland's pubs are without equal". I have to say this is an area I know better than most as I worked in the game locally for years. Starting wherever is most convenient, lets take a stroll through a smattering of Dublin's best ale houses. When amongst small groups of friends we generally always do rounds here, but this might not be possible depending on the size of the group. If you're interested in whiskey, craft beers, the traditional brews, or just sampling the atmosphere, we can fit it all in over 4 or 5 of my favourite select bars. And of course, we can get discuss anything at all, culture, sport, traditions, and even politics or religion. The reality is, if we weren't allowed chat about these in pubs, we'd never get anything fixed. So the itinerary for each pub crawl will likely change, especially as some pubs are extremely busy on certain nights, and others have live music on given nights. I will organize customized itineraries on a group by group basis. By the end of this tour you will be fully versed in good "Pinting Etiquette". A good toast, a few words in Gaelic, and most importantly how to order like a local!



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