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About Hitomi

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About Hitomi

Hi! I am Hitomi and I was born in Hong Kong. I am 20 years old now and I am currently a university student studying translation. I like playing dramas, drawing, singing and hiking in my leisure time. I love to eat Hong Kong, Japanese and western food! I want to introduce my homeland to people from all over the world. Hong Kong is really a beautiful city. I would take my guests to my favourite places, especially the stunning Vitoria Harbour. Since I was young, I have been told that this harbour is a landmark of my city and it has give us the name of the Oriental Pearl. Whenever I feel sad, I would run to the place and sit there quietly. It helps! Hong Kong is special for its historical background of being a colony. I would show my guests of its unique side of culture diversity too: the architectures, the food, the people... I wish to exchange stories with my guests!



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