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About Hon Hei

Hello world! My name is Terrence and I am a 100% Hongkonger. I am 23 and just graduated from my uni, with major Creative Media. Therefore, due to the word “JUST”, which meant I have to find a full time job but currently I am working in an exhibition centre as a docent as a part time job. I am an art lover so going to exhibitions and museums is one of my habits. Sometimes I make photographs and sometimes I draw. If travel can be called as a habit, then I would put it on the list also. I have visited almost 50 countries so far (thanks to the 2-years-study in Germany). Also I am a absolutely foodie. My talent is to find good spots for good food, therefore, I believe having me as your local you would definitely gain some weights (unfortunately) in this food paradise. Hong Kong is a city, much more beyond skyscrapers and metropolis. It is a place that you couldn’t imagine, at least not from all those Kungfu movies. The old local areas like Sham Shui Po is one of the favourite of mine, where you couldn't see as much skyscrapers as you may thought of. During the daytime, I would suggest starting from Sham Shui Po, we can walk through both the wet market and dried market, where you can observe the daily life of Hong Kong, also the location you can find lots of street food. Then we can go to the harbour side and enjoy the view of the famous skyline. Afterwards taking the world famous ferry ride to the opposite and continue our journey to the oldest part of the city, where you can see those narrow houses and streets with long history. We can wander around before the tour comes to an end. During the nighttime, it is a must to take the tram on the island side, in order to drive through the walls combined by skyscrapers. Next I would bring you to Wanchai/Sai Wan where you can find a lot of hidden gems of the city for good food! I can also show you some local bars and clubs but also nice spots for the skyline with a bottle of beer. If a full day is possible, we must definitely head to somewhere “far” (as you may know Hong Kong is not big), like Cheung Chau, the favourite island of mine in HK where you can find unique street food, beaches, rich history and tradition. Before I went to Germany, I thought Hong Kong is just a city, with skyscrapers and so on, nothing special. However, after meeting more and more people, who have widened my diversity, I realised why Hong Kong is so unique and special. I feel like, as a local, I have to share this passion and delight of being a Hongkonger to the world, and share all those things that you wouldn’t see from the internet!



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