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About Tsun Hin Kevin

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About Tsun Hin Kevin

Hi there, i m Kevin, a 25 yearold local boy. I am currently working in a healthy cafe which promotes healthy eating. Having spend some times in the UK doing GCSE and GCE, i had some opportunity to meet people from around the world. I love meeting new people and learn the languages they speak. Beside, i love doing sport running, rugby,gym as well as hiking. There are a lot of beautiful places where u can go hiking and explore Hong Kong. Hong Kong, also known as shopping or food paradise, u can simple enjoy every cuisine u can think of in Hong Kong as well as every brand from all over the world in such a small place. Moreover, Hong Kong has one of the most beautiful night view in the world, we can observe it at the harbor or at the Peak, the highest point in Hong Kong. Best time to visit Hong Kong would be between September to November, yup it autumn time. Weather is great, not too hot or cold so that we can explore Hong Kong without sweating a lot which make our life so much easier. i will be available during weekends when i have a day off from work. I dont have a car but for me the best way to travel in Hong Kong will be public transport ranging from mtr to tram. Hope to see u soon and Welcome to Hong Kong



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Tsun Hin Kevin
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