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About Aysegul

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About Aysegul

Ola ola! This is Ice (yes like an ice cube). I recently found out about localexperience.co and I cannot get started! I'm a 23 year old photographer and performer artist, originally from Istanbul. Traveling and getting to know new cultures has been my passion since a very early age. I traveled more than 30 countries, lived in 4 of them in 3 continents until now. I LOVE this city; its history, amazing endless cuisine, meeting new people, all the possibilities it beholds and I would love to share it all with you guys! I have my own friends visiting me from all over the world since I'm 13, so I can easily say I'm pretty good at this. Hope to meet you beautiful human! Peace and love, Ice

Things to do in Istanbul with Aysegul

I have an endless list that I will be sharing with you, so you can combine the ones you want to explore! Let's create your personal journey! During day time - All the neighbourhoods you would like to see such as Kadıköy, Taksim, Arnavutköy, Eminonü, Bebek, Cihangir, Fenerbahçe, Kalamış, Beşiktaş, Karaköy, etc etc... - All kinds of local home made food restaurants (my grandmother was the best chef I know still so when it comes to food I can go crazy, lucky you ;) ), cafes ( in Istanbul we have a very rich cafe culture) - Hamams (Turkish bath) - All the monuments and historical tour -Bosphorus tour -All the local markets, food / clothes / accessories etc, not only the cliches of Grand Bazaar and Egyptian Bazaar but I can show you where as locals, where we are shopping. It's definitely better to have a local with you when you need to bargain ;) - I am doing swing dance and yoga so if you are interested I can bring you to my classes as well! - Taking the boat, eating the street food, eating in the right places and right food, getting lost on the streets :) - I am a photographer so I always walk around with my camera, if you like taking pictures I can take you to some amazing places, alternative art spaces and live performances! -I can also take your pictures with my camera and send them to you :)

Nightlife in Istanbul with Aysegul

For night life; I will show you the real nightlife of Istanbul! Starting with a special traditional activity called Rakı Balık (traditional Turkish alcohol and fish) in a restaurants. The ambiance, music and food is priceless Do you like techno? drum & base? jazz? swing? rock n roll? progressive rock?.... then don't worry it'll be fun :) - I can take you to the local gatherings of mostly international local people a.k.a. my friends are organising -Home parties we organise - alternative spaces for free art -live performances of different artists -live concerts -underground -huge clubs -Beach raves -Cozy jazz bars -or just buying some booze from the supermarket and chilling at the beach (which is most locals do if the weather is nice) Whatever you feel like :) This is how I live my life so if you wanna join while you are in the city, you're more than welcome!



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