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About Fares

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About Fares

Hello ?? I’m Fares 21 years old i’m from jordan and i’d be more than happy to help anyone out to explore the beautiful city of istanbul. What can we experience together ? * • roam around and see the beautiful views/bridges that separates the European side from the Asian side of istanbul and going on a boat to the other side • * • We can go to a local indoors zoo with a mini aquarium in it with a really cheap entrance fee • * • We can go to a forest and rent a dirt bike to drive around the forest, see some beautiful beach views thats relaxing and calming • * • Go to an upside down house to have some nice photos of you • * • Going to some of the best museums/mosques/churches around istanbul • * • And of course we can have the full cultural experience going to the spice bazaar, the grand bazaar with other more touristy places and having some turkish coffee/food/shisha (Hookah) and much much more stuff to do other than all this Stuff to know more about me : * i’m a student studying architecture which means i’m in love with nice views and aesthetic lookin places. * Been in istanbul now for 3 years and i’ve been in cyprus for 2 years. * I love trying out new cuisines so if you’re willing to have some really delicious meals we’ll do that for sure. * Owner of 2 lovely fostered cats. * I LOVE EXPLORING and finding new breathtaking views and areas, thats what I mostly do in my free time i love to explore and roam around. * I am a photographer so i’ll be taking you to the best places to take photos of some mountain views / forests / and beaches. I’ve found a lot of local thrift shops/resturants/views/areas thats not very touristy which wont cost anyone a lot and i’ll be also taking you to the touristy places to have the full experience in istanbul and I’ll be glad to be a local for anyone willing to try new cuisines and experience the turkish culture and food and most importantly having fun while staying here in istanbul. Thank you ?



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