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Mustafa Bekir
Istanbul, Turkey
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About Mustafa Bekir

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About Mustafa Bekir

Hey ! My name is Mustafa . I'm 23 years old and from İstanbul. I have Bachelor Degree of pyschological counselling and guidance and this year I will start my Master Degree of developmental psychology. I like to learn foreign languages , meet new people and learn about different cultures around the world .I also like multiple sports. Playing tennis and football is one of my main hobbies.I'm quite open minded about different tastes but my favourite cuisine is Italian (Instead of Turkish of course). I'd love to have pets but my brother has an allergy and I live with my parents so I can't have any pet for now. İstanbul is such a huge city and it has many beatiful places . And my favourite place is Maiden Tower and my favourite part is Beyoğlu During day time I would start a tour from Histroical Peninsula where Aya Sophia , Blue Mosque and Basilica Cisterns is in , after that I would bring them to Eminonu and they can do shopping and see another historical places . When they night time has come , I would take ferry tour with my quests and bring them to Usküdar (Asian side) and in there we could watch the Maiden Tower and Bosphoros bridge with beautiful lighting. After that we would go to Kadıköy where is liveful in nighttime and they can choose what kind of entertainment they want like pubs or clubs. I came İstanbul when i was 17 for university from small city near mediterrian sea and amazed when i see there first .Now I have been living here since then .After all this time I have never lost my love for this city and I still love to discover this inspiring city. So I would like to share my experience and talk about their culture , country . Also having new friends from all over the World



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Mustafa Bekir
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