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About Seyla Tanya

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About Seyla Tanya

I born and raised in İstanbul, but I was in Ankara for my sociology education for 6 years. I have graduated from Middle East Technical University, Sociology this year and currently work as a freelancer. I have worked for an audio-visual production centre for two years, participated the organization processes of several festivals, especially music festivals. I worked for publishing houses and gave Turkish lectures to foreign people in İstanbul. My aim is gain experiences as many as possible around my interests and passions in that period of my life. I am interested in video art and photography for several years, especially analogue photography. Besides visual arts, my biggest passion is attending live concerts, if you would like to be engaged in local music scene, since I go three or four concerts in average in a standard week, and I know well what is happening, I will warrant you that we can catch the best concerts in town. I also open for any nightlife experience, İstanbul already will serve you plenty of alternatives. I am very familiar with hype places of the city. If you are curious about the historical places, we can make great tours all over the city. Not just the most iconic places like Grand Bazaar or Hagia Sophia, almost all the corners of İstanbul, like Prince Islands, Galata Tower, Şerefiye Cistern, Maiden Tower and many others, are full of history and particular stories. I am in love with those places and very eager to visit them with you. We can make walking tours and experience the local culture together. Besides culture and art and history tours, I can offer you visits to very good local restaurants, one of the best aspects of this city is the rich cuisine. These are the thing that came to my mind but of course I am open for new ideas and offers. While I was in Ankara, I really missed İstanbul and now it’s time to experience it once again with you!



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Seyla Tanya
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