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About Zeyd

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About Zeyd

Hi, My name is Zeyd, 26 years old, still graduated from political science in a francophone University. I study medicine in Istanbul, living in this city for 25 years. I have been guiding volunteerly the tourists coming from Europe for a while. My qualities for choosing me are; I can speak French, English and Arabic and am learning German. I do like to show different part of the city with every side of it. So the conservative and the secular part of the city not just the historical mosques , baths some iconic part of Istanbul. I will take you the unknown places forgotten by tourists and city's locals. As a sportive person we can perform together free diving or spearfishing in İstanbul, I have enough equipement . My friends and I are doing Paraglidig for 10 years up to now. I do like extreme sports and live extremly. I like cycling in the city, we can rent for both of us. I have commenced this job as a freelancer and volunteerly, but as a student in medical faculty despite my scholarship for tuition fee, I do need money for finance myself 'cause this is my second university. If you want to spend good time and to help at the same time a guy who is studying medicine as a second major in his life, you can choose me.. Bonjour, Je m'appelle Zeyd, né en 1992, diplomé de Science Politique à l'Université de Galatasaray en 2015. Mes qualités pour que vous me choisissez sont; Je voudrais montrer à mes invité(e)s non seulement les lieux classiques comme Hagia Sophia ou bien Sultanahmet mais aussi les endroit où certains locaux même ne savaient pas. Je peux parler le Français, l'Anglais, l'Arabe et apprends l'Allemagne aussi. Comme étant un person sportif, nous pouvons pratiquer le cycling, la chasse sous- marine, le parapente ou la plongée libre à İstanbul ou juste à côté d'İstanbul. Si vous voulez passer votre temps intellectuellement avec un guide bien equipé en aidant à un étudiant d'Université, ça serai votre gentillesse. Merci , Amitiés



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