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Izmir, Turkey
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About Fırat

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About Fırat

Hello people This is Fırat from İzmir. I am 31 years old and working as a sales manager in automotive.ı have been travelling 31 countries and 55 cities in europe. I had many foreign friends. I lıke know New cultures and lifes and compare between cultures. I am like synthesis east and West. Lıke to see and analysis people behaviour. I have sense of humour and ım open minded person. You can be relax and comfortable with me when enjoy about İzmir. I am beginner of German also Thanks see you

Things to do in Izmir with Fırat

1-Clock Tower 2-Kızlarağası Bazaar 3-Kordon seaside 4-Karşıyaka (North side of Izmir) 5-Kemeraltı Bazaar 6-Ephesus (Unesco) 7-Pergamon (Unesco)

Nightlife in Izmir with Fırat

Some traditional places for Drink and have fun with music. taste of turkish delicious cuisine Unique bars Clubs



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