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About selin

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About selin

Hey! I’m Selin from Turkey and i’m 22. I was born in Istanbul and i’ve spent my whole life there until i’ve moved here, Izmir, for my education so currently i’m living in Izmir. I’ve been travelling since i was 17 years old therefore i always try to explore things even when i’m at my hometown. I like theatre,movies (i’m kinda trying to be an actress as an amateur), literature (i’m studying comparative literature) and music. I'm also an amateur photographer, so we can go for taking some photos if you're interested. I also go to camping in my spare times, i love nature. Sometimes i like to travel across the countries and learn about their culture, get lost in the streets i've never been before... So it's up to my mood if going for a city tour or escape from the city to nature :) Basically i’m a university student who enjoys living her life and tries to spend every second fully :)

Things to do in Izmir with selin

Izmir is such a nice city to see and learn about the aegean culture. It has an amazing histroy, therefore there are lots of important archeological stuff to see here and near here. Here’s a list of places you must see before you leave Izmir: 1-Alsancak-Kordon 2-Kemeraltı 3-Agora ancient city 4-Historical elevator 5-Ephesus ancient city And there are other cute villages near İzmir and ancient ruins if you’d like to visit and if you're into archeology... İzmir itself is a very big city so there're other nice places to see if you're bored of Alsancak-Kordon. Which are: 1-Karşıyaka-Bostanlı 2-Bornova 3-İnciraltı If you have enough time and want to see some small aegean villages (which is an activity i really like): 1-Urla 2-Foça 3-Seferihisar-Sığacık 4-Bademler (it's the first village which owns its own theatre in Turkey) So, it's really up to your interests, budget and time and i'm ready to make the most enjoyable plan for you :)

Nightlife in Izmir with selin

I’m not really a club person but i love to dance and sometimes i go to concerts and parties so i know about upcoming events and parties all the time. Which means we can go to parties, concerts and other events if requested. Usually i like to go to small and cosy pubs with a nice taste of music :) When i move to a city, the very first thing i do is to explore most beautiful bars near me so i’m very confident about that :) We can also go for have some raki (which is a traditional turkish alcoholic-drink) in a traditional restaurant, this is very fun. Or, we can go to Şirince (as i’ve written in the list above) and drink some local wine which is a nice activity. Eventually, when you run out of money it’s always fun to drink in the streets and enjoy the night outside !



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