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About Alexandra

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About Alexandra

Hello! My name is Alexandra, short form preferred is Alya. I'm 19 years old, was born and live my whole life in Kharkiv. Want to travel and find a lot of friends from different countries to buid international connections and friendships, so I used to work with foreign volunteers for half a year in AIESEC. I have a nice (I think) experience in introducing curious tourists to some quirks and especially beautiful places of Kharkiv. I love reading fantasy books, playing games a bit (but I don't consider myself a big nerd, at least not for now) and really enjoy walks in the evenings or early mornings. People usually travel in summer and it's too hot in summer to go out in the day time (at least I wouldn't recommend it), so I prefer to go out after 6 pm. But if you're here any other season - I would be glad to spend day time with you too :) I love animals and have a (very evil) cat. And I adore him! I'm not a student anymore, used to study economics but figured it's not my favourite subject in the world, so I quit. Currently working as a translator, graduating HR courses and want to move to Europe someday soon. Hopefully you find me an interesting enough person to spend your time with! I would be glad to answer any questions and happy to meet new people. Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon! <3



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