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Kharkiv, Ukraine
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About Tatiana

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About Tatiana

Hey! I am Tatiana. I am from this majestic city called Kharkiv. I’ve not been living here since I was born. However, that is the city I really enjoy living in, that is the city I have lived for many years, that is the city of dreams and big opportunities. I am 23 years old and last year I graduated from the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine where I obtained the master’s degree of philology. According to my diploma, I am a professional interpreter of two languages (English and German). My current job is a teacher in a private school. The main purpose of the whole my life is to see how people go ahead and to be a part of their success, that’s what I am engaged in. :) There is certainly something I am really obsessed with. Poetry is considered to be the biggest part of my life. I can’t live without writing my own poems and translating already existed ones. I really love eating delicious food. Italian and Japanese cuisine really appeal to me. I am a cat lover and if only I could, I would take all the street animals to my home:( The city I live in is unbelievable as every part of it embodies its history. The most picturesque part of Kharkiv is Shevchenko Park that was built and opened last summer. Sure, one of the biggest attractions here is considered to be Svoboda Square that is the biggest one in the whole Europe and I would start our excursion from this place as it is the heart of our city. We should definitely go to Gorky Park that includes clean territory, various attractions, a room of fear etc. In our city there are a plenty of cathedrals, churches, temples. In the center of the city there is an art gallery where the paintings of the 21th century are represented. You can come in there without paying any money. There are so many places to entertain at night. Nightlife here is really exciting as different clubs, pubs, restaurants are waiting for us. I have a special, magical story connected with city city as here I met the best people in my life, my friends. I was only 17 when I started living there. By that time I had come a lot of times. My mom is from Kharkiv and we often came to visit our relatives. But when I moved, I fell in love completely with this city, I was charmed by its beauty. I am eager to spend some time with you during the whole day. I don’t have a car to pick you up... The type of experience I would like to share with you is : Nightlife Food & Restaurants Art & Museums Personal Assistance & Translation Exploration & Sightseeing Shopping History & Culture Sports & Recreation. I really enjoy speaking to people from different counties. I am always glad to make new friends.



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