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About Alexandra

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About Alexandra

Hey! My name is Sasha. I'm 26 years old Kyiv's citizen. I received my Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and currently, I'm a Ph.D. student in Bioorganic Chemistry. I like reading books, listening to music, learning languages, taking pics, exploring Kyiv, meeting new people for extending knowledge about other countries cultures and customs. That's the reason why I easily join this website. I have a lovely Scottish fold named Sheldon (yep, that one Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory Show) and I think he is the best cat all over the world. However, I'm still not sure that he loves me back (the biggest drama of my life hahah). Kyiv is a beautiful and powerful city that can recharge your batteries. I like taking sightseen from the Kyiv's bridges. It makes me feel peaceful and at the same time being sure that I'm home. Unfortunately, It's tricky during a winter period. In that case, I prefer walking around the city and watching amazing masterpieces of Kyiv's architecture ensemble such an Andriivskyi descent, part of the old city named Podil, Velyka Zhytomyrska street and a lot the others places that we can explore together. It's known that Ukraine is famous for its churches so If It's your first time here I would like to recommend you to take a walk from Arsenalna station, by the way, that is the deepest subway station all over the world, to Kiev Pechersk Lavra and then to the Mother Motherland monument (Don't forget it's a museum of World War 2 as well so being prepared to take a guide there!) Kyiv is both a cultural and historical center of Ukraine. You can find here plenty of things that remind about the Soviet period but also a lot of things related to own Ukrainian and European cultures. Welcome to Kyiv! See ya!



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  • Gerardo
    20 August 2019
    What an unforgettable experience. Hanging out with a local makes a huge difference. Alexandra is very well rounded and was able to give me tips and talk about Ukrainian history, cousine and more.
(1 reviews)
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