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About Dariya

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About Dariya

Hi! My name’s Dariya and I’m 24. Right now i’m last year intern in Lviv Medical University, speciality dentistry. I work as a dentist and really like it. My main hobby is traveling. And it’s just amazing visiting new cities and countries, meeting interesting people and trying delicious cuisines. I’m sure you know that feeling, right? Lviv is an incredible city and believe me, no one knows it better than locals. It has its own unique atmosphere and you will never know how it feels until you come here. This is what I like the most about Lviv. During the daytime I would start a tour from the city centre, the best part of the city. Old authentic buildings, the smell of tasty coffee and cozy streets will definitely impress anybody who comes to see this. During the nighttime, tourists can see completely another Lviv. it becomes mysterious and even more exciting. From Vysokyj zamok, the local hill, you can see all the city with its lights as on your hand. There are always some places that never sleeps. I live in Lviv for my whole life and sharing something unique about this city with guests would be great spending time for both of us. I will not tell boring historical data or some information anyone can find in Wikipedia. On the contrary, I will share only interesting things, I’ll show the best sights and will tell some local secrets so anyone can feel this unbelievable spirit of Lviv.



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