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About Polina

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About Polina

Hi! My name’s Polina. I’m doing an economics degree at MGIMO-University (aka Russian Harvard) at the moment. Moscow is my home, for I have spent there all my life. As for hobbies, I really enjoy studying languages and reading up on linguistics My favourite cuisine is definitely Italian one. I own a basenji dog which I love dearly. My favourite parts of Moscow are Kitai Gorod and Tsvetboy Boulevard thanks to the unique artistic feel they have. If I had a daytime guest, I would definetely show all the must-see places of interests in Moscow. Luckily, they are located quite close to each other. I would begin with the Red Square, the heart of the city, then I’d show GUM, the luxurious shopping mall. After then we would move from Okhotny ryad to Kropotkisnskya metro station to see the breath-taking and renovated Church of Christ the Saviour. There’s a wonderful panorama of the city center from a nearby bridge. En route to the church I’d show other places of interest of the city, for example the Russian State Library. If I had a guest during the nighttime, I would ask her or him what’s their goal is. If they want to party and experience Russian authentic party culture, I’d offer a tour through the bars and restaurants frequented by locals, for instance Rovesnik, Enthusiast or Strelka. If a person wants to have a more sophisticated experience I would take them to Patriarshi Prudy. For me this place is more compelling in the evening than during the day not only because it’s where the Fabius novel by Bulgakov begins but also because that’s when it’s vibrant with nightlife. As for unique stories about my own experience in the city, I was quite surprised to discover the tranquility of Stoleshnikov lane hidden little yards. I mean, they are so cozy and there are so many interesting cafes, bars, shops. And this all in the midst of a busy City Centre. That’s the eclecticism all Russian really like.



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