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About Tanya

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About Tanya

Hey there! And welcome to one of the most unique and wonderful countries on Earth I am happy to call my homeland! I'm Tanya and I hope you are ready for new adventures and experiences cause that's what traveling is really about, right? I'm a little jealous of the people who come here from abroad because I will never get a chance to discover Moscow as a foreigner but I really hope you will help me see Moscow through your eyes in exchange for a warm welcome from a local (read: me, hehe). So, let me briefly introduce myself. I am 22 and I am originally from the city of Penza but have been living in Moscow for the past 5 years. I graduated from PRUE this year having gotten a bachelor's degree in Economics (bored yet?) Though my dream job is connected with a completely different field. I am very passionate about music in all its forms. I mean, is there really anything more powerful? I'm currently into Coldplay, Leon Bridges, Ed Sheeran etc, but the list always varies :) As a former exchange student I am always seeking for a chance to discover new cultures and people, and so helping people from different parts of the world get acquainted with the richness of our culture, see beauty in everyday things and realise that we may not be as different as we think is something I am really looking forward to be doing. We could cross visiting the most famous sightseeing attractions off your bucket list or we could go off the beaten tracks and blend with the locals, depending on what kind of experience you're hoping to get. Just keep in mind that Moscow is not only about Red Square or the Kremlin, there's much more to try and see - food, music, people, art, and the list goes on... Anyway, always feel free to share your personal preferences and expectations! Unfortunately, I don't drive, so we will need to use public transport or taxis to move around the city. Or walk, which can be really fun too! One more thing I'd like to say is that my schedule isn't very flexible and I'm only available in the evenings during the week but I'm more free on weekends, and I would really love it if there was someone I could keep a company and help explore the city. I am beyond excited to be a Local in because I feel like there is so much to see and experience in my city and I would love to be someone who can help others fall in love with it just like I did when I came here five years ago!



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