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About Vera

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About Vera

I am Vera from Moscow. I was born here, in the capital, and have been living here all my life. I‘m in love with Moscow. It might be chaotic, overcrowded and eclectic, but there are many things to see and there is always more to explore, and my thing is to help all the newcomers with that. Three years ago I graduared from the University as a translator, although changed the occupation field later. I worked as a 3D video ediitor and photographer of 3D spheres. Now I'm continuing with photography, but already for minor events. As a hobby, I prefer photography as well - nature and architecture. You can check my art photos in instagram profile @ver_pher, and most probably you'll like it! My second best loved thing to do is hiking. I've been a member of a hiking club here in Russia for 10 years. I don't have a preferred cousine, vareniki from our russian dishes and sushi are some of my favourites though. My favourite part of the city is the whole embankment area. You can walk alongside the Moskva river from Kotelniki soviet scyscraper till modern Mosckva-city office area and still enjoy beatiful views around two hours! The same way on a bike is good as well. One more place I would recommend is Kitay-gorod area, it is one of the oldest lived areas of the city, with its 18-19 century streets and vibrant night life. If we had 4-6 hours during daytime, I would like us to start from one of Stalin "wedding cake" skyscrapers and then follow to Tverskaya street and, apparently, Red Square. After this we woud get into one of cafes to get a snack or a lunch in Nikolskaya street and continue to Gorky Park or another place of interest depending on what you are more into - architectural parks, or wondering in the streets of the city centre and exploring stunning metro stations of Moscow. If we start in the evening, I would suggest going first to Sparrow hills with its spectacular viewpoint and night illumination and then proceed to the center - Red Square, if you haven't checked it yet. The other option is to follow the spirit of the city and get to Kitay-gorod area and dive there into night life trying Moscow Mule cocktail, or spend quiet evening discussing Russia's traditions and diversity on the riverside. As mentioned before, I was born in Moscow and since I was a child I loved exploring the city - first with parents, then already on my own. Since I was living in the center, I spent much time wandering around its strets and lanes and getting familiar with many parts that are worth to be lost in. I'm really not a museum-goer, but everything that is outside - streets, unique buildings, parks, palaces - was always my point of interest. If you love the same, I can make a perfect company for you. I can spend time with you almost any day if suggested beforehand, cause I don't have rigid schedule right now. I don't have a car to pick you up, so we will use our feet or metro. The experiences I can provide are exploration and sightseeing, personal assistance and translation and maybe nightlife as well.



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