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About Amir

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About Amir

Heyo! This is Amir. I’m 21. An Iranian-Persian cat. grew up and worked in dubai, to now pursuing my dreams of Cinema and film, in the city of arts.. Paris. I’ve been here for over a year now.. making films and doing all sorts of crazy shit to make a story alive. And the best way to make films, is to create interesting stories.. and to create interesting stories, one needs to experience LIFE in as many ways as possible. so I think this would explain my characteristics very briefly; I’m very spontaneous. I love meeting new people. and making crazy experiences into memories with them. Other than my passion for filmmaking and visual arts, I do a bit of music, and productions, I love cooking and learning new recipes, I go out and try to talk to people on the streets to improve my social and language skills, and sometimes I even land a new friend (although Paris is notorious for being difficult in this department, haha) I speak 6 languages, and would love to learn yours! every culture has its beauties and I can’t wait to discover more about yours. All that being said, one of my favorite ways to spend time is just going outside and discovering the city more and more, I was always the child in the family, that whenever guests would come to visit us in Dubai, I would be the one showing them around. because I knew everything about the famous and touristy places, and also everything about the small corners and unknown gems of the city. and if i didn’t know about a place or had never gone there, I would do my research and find out everything, because that’s what I loved. spending my time like that was an automatic reward for myself. So I would love to do that with my new home, of Paris. Theres a lot of touristy and well-know places I would take every friend to, like the Louvre, the tour de Eiffel, Trocadero, cathedral of Notre-Dame, champs-elysee, Arc de Triumph, and a bunch of the big parcs. but the things that are great are the smaller, unnoticeable parts of the culture and day to day French life. like the falafel and kebab shops near Pompidou, walking along the seine, the thrift shops around chatelet, etc. These are the things that makes a more personal memory with friends. And I would love to be that friend! I don’t know what else to share here about myself and my agenda.. I guess this should tell a bit about who I am and what I wanna offer. I’ll end it by, "you do good to others, and good will happen to you."



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