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About Nefer

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About Nefer

Young female of 24, I was born in France and was lucky to travel the world before I was even 18. My first langage is French but I am fluent in English as I’ve lived in Canada. My Spanish might be a little rusty but all my trips to Spain insure that I can be understood and can understand the langage !

Things to do in Paris with Nefer

PARIS is a city to explore through culture, architecture and food. So there’s is a large variety of museums, restaurants and expos to pick from at any time of the year! There can be a classic tour with all the most important monuments Eiffel Tour, Louvre...) but also a much more urban and underground tour.

Nightlife in Paris with Nefer

For night life tours, I have different kinds of experiences to offer, the laid back secretive hawaain tiki bar in Pigalle, or the piano bar that features live music performance, bar crawls in Bastille or even nightclubs !



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