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Sofia, Bulgaria
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About Boyan

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About Boyan

Hi! My name is Boyan. I’m 23 years old. And I’m born and living in Sofia. I have a BsC in International business relations and now looking forward to getting my Masters in Finance. Currently I'm doing my MsC thesis, focusing seriously on my sports performance again, taking care of my new dog and ofcourse enjoying summer. I am really active, love exploring nature and different sights, I have 2 appartments in Sofia, but also a villa in a village called Bistritsa(15 min drive from Sofia up Vitosha mountain) where the nature and the air is just magnificent. I workout every single day, boxing, running, rowing (for example at Pancharevo lake on the outskirts of Sofia), pretty much every activity you name I've done it or can show it to you. I also am into cars and own 3 of them and drive a lot daily so moving around town isn't a problem with me. If you are not much of an adventurer I know pretty much all the best leisure spots in the city, including all kinds of food, cinemas, parks, cool photoshoot spots, museums, cultural monuments and other. Im really straightforward and easy going so you can ask me pretty much everything, I'm always looking for new people to meet and new things to try so I'm really flexible with what you want us to do. At nighttime I can show you all the best restaurants, bar&dinners, shisha places and nightclubs. I was really into smoking shisha so I'm kind of an expert :p. I'm really energetic (perhaps too much for my own good) so i rarely go to sleep before 4-5 in the morning and still get up at like 9,so I'm always down for all sorts of late night fun. This is getting kinda long already so just you can just ask me if you want to know something about me, Sofia or whatever else in the world is on your mind. :)



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