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About Nicolos

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About Nicolos

Hello! My name is Nicolas, I am 22 years old. I was born in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. My family moved in Georgia when I was 12 years old. Originally we are Georgians and after this time I’m living here- in Tbilisi city. I am studying in Georgian National University- SEU. I’m doing Journalism program, which is really great. We are getting a lot of interesting information everyday. Actually my hobby is history and traveling. I like to explore different cultures and meet new people all around the world. My favorite travel destination is always Italy! My emotional spectrum is unforgettable there! Started from historical side of the country, ended with food (which is my favorite, I cant imagine my life without pasta.) . Right now I’m working as a guide around Georgia and studying in University. By the way, I love animals, little puppies are my passion but I don’t have any, cause its really hard to take care of them and when i will get a puppy I want to be totally sure that I’m absolutely ready to take care of someones life. My favorite part of the Tbilisi city is an old town cause there we can find an amazing mix of old culture of Georgia and modern life of the city. There you can realize that life is beautiful and was beautiful even in 17th century too. During day time we will start the tour of city from Metekhi Church. One of the oldest area of Tbilisi, it means that we can talk about creation of Tbilisi and enjoy great view. Then visit Georgian Orthodox church Metekhi and continue the way on Europe Square to see original part of berlin wall, then Shardeni street, which is really important part with interesting history, next will be Sioni church, over-there we can talk about Christianity case. Then its time to Gabriadze puppet Theatre, Anchiskhati Church, bridge of peace, park Rike, we can use a cable car to go up to see Monument called Mother of Georgia and Narikala Fortress and then its time to oldest part of the city-Baths district. During nigh time Tbilsi is so Beautiful, I would like to start from Leselidze street, then go to the Liberty square to see amazing light , after that by funicular (crossing rustaveli ave.) go up to Mtatsminda mountain too see the biggest part of City from the top of the mountain and in restaurant of Mtatsminda its great to taste “Georgian Donut” called “ponchiki”. Then to go to Stamba cafe- amazing place to enjoy some time and we can go to visit some bars, clubs. When I was 12. We arrived in Georgia and I was so confused at the first time cause its bot easy to get this city. for me its totally unique, beautiful and mesmerizing! I can spend with guests- one day, evening, night or weekend even during workdays *I dont have a car I like to meet people around the world. Communicate with them and find a new friends.



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