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Tbilisi, Georgia
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Book Your Local Guide SUBIN in Tbilisi!


i am subin , i was born in India. i am currently a medical student in tbilisi state medical university. i am fun loving person i like to venture out and get to know new things and new people. i am also very interested in sports and games. i love georgian cuisine and an absolute fan of the famous sulguni cheese. i love tbilisi very much because it is very beautiful and the people here are known for their hospitality. they are kind to tourists and foreign people and the city itself is very beautiful with amazing places to visit. the views from the mountains towards the city is really an amazing sight to see. my favourite place in the city would be the rike park where from you can head to the mother of georgia statue and enjoy an amazing view of the city. there are more amazing places to see around there as well. daytime experience for the tourists would work well if i take them to see the beautiful scenic places in tbilisi like the lakes or tbilisi sea , or the parks and botanical garden and also to see the underground marketS and also the sulfur bath spas and very importantly the trinity church and a tour around to see more monasteries which are in the nearby region and also the chronicles of georgia and museums. at night i would take them to see the malls or fancy restaurants to tey out georgian cuisine if it interests them and also to see the tbilisi nightlife as there are clubs around which would be a fun experience. also the peace bridge, and mtasminda park are beautiful places to see at night to see the beautiful city lights and also to take a boat ride in the river. i came here when i was 18 and in two years i have learnt a lot about the people here and this country. georgians have a rich history and a beautiful language and a much beautiful country. now i am living in tbilisi for three years and day by day my love for this country is increasing as i get to know more and more about the city. this country will always be one of my most recommended places to visit in europe. i am free to spend my evenings/nights and weekends with the tourists. i dont own a vehicle to pick up guests. i would like to show the tourists about food and restaurants, art and museums, and explore and sightseeing the city, and also the nightlife and shopping. i would like to be a local guide because i always enjoy to know new people and give them and share with them amazing experiences.



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