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Tiranë, Albania
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About Erblin

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About Erblin

Hi! My name is Erblin. I was born in Tirana, Albania. I am 23 years old. I have Bachelor's Degree in Business Informatics at the best university in Albania, Epoka University. My hobby is reading and I'm obsessed with historical books and philosophical books. What I love most is photography and design. Actually, I have been working as a freelancer Graphic Designer for more than 7 years and currently I'm attending a professional course as a Graphic Designer to fulfill my hobbies. Despite this, I am an adventurous person, ambitious, very simple and practical, kind, polite with everyone and last but not the least important, I am a world traveler. I have traveled outside the country since when I was 10, in Istanbul. Actually, Istanbul is my favourite one that's why I have visited it 4 times until now and I'm planning to visit it again. I'm in love with local cuisine, Mediterranean and Oriental. Despite Istanbul, I have visited Austria, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Netherlands, Izmir, Hungary, Sweeden, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, USA and China. As you can see, traveling is my main hobby. About my country, Albania, is the country I love the most. I will be honoured to guide you to my lovely city Tirana, but in case you wanna visit around Albania, I have a car and I can drive you wherever u want, in or outside the country, doesn't matter x me, I told you I am adventurous. In case you guys want to have a marvelous experience about history, culture and traditions of Albania, I have the perfect guide for you. Actually, I have some personal places like traditional, cheap and the most delicious restaurants, where I can take you and I bet you are going to thank me for that. But, if you guys want to have an adventure in Tirana, want to know about nightlife in Tirana, youth activities, best attractions of Tirana and Albania, then let me know either, I will be the best local guide you will meet. What I hope most is to meet new friends and exchange different cultures from all around the world and I am so excited to share with you my personal experience as a Guide Tour and as a person with many hobbies. I will be free for you anytime, during the week, weekends, midday, midnight, during the day, during the night. I hope we will have a great time together. I am eager to answer your requests and fulfill your needs :)



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