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About Mauro

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About Mauro

Hello! My name is Mauro, I was born in Bolivia and am 27 years old. I'm currently studying international business and business informatics and work as a tutor. I'm a passionate martial artist and teacher. In my free time I love to dance, read books and talk about deep subjects with anyone willing to do so. I enjoy the simple things like a good meal and taking a walk through the older parts of the city. I've moved many times in my life, so I learned to be open to different cultures and meeting new people. I'm the kind of person that will say yes to ideas and has an open ear for new experiences. It isn't without reason that Vienna is consistently among the 5 most livable cities in the past decade. Despite being a modern and very metropolitan-like capitol, it still has the feeling of a less busy and artistic city that always has something to offer, no matter what kind of activity one loves to do. The public transportation is superb, reliable and cheap. The viennese culture of taking things easy and enjoying your day is very catchy. The first district is beautiful, full of interesting shops, museums, landmarks, picture-ready scenery and restaurants that can satisfy even the pickiest foodies. Depending on the amount of time available, I would take my guest(s) on a walk through the inner city and explain some of the history of the city, stopping wherever a picture is recommended. Ideally, once the walk is done an appetite would be present and then I would recommend the best restaurant I know, based on the preference of my guest(s) and depending on the day and availability would then recommend what to do or where to go later that day for more recreation (dancing, another restaurant or simply where the best views can be found). I am mostly available on weekends and ideally as of 2 or 3 PM, so as to best use the daylight. Otherwise in the evening for a more nightlife oriented setting. I don't have a car but in this city that's better, because the public transportation is faster, more efficient and easier to manage. Other than the description above I would offer the following areas and experiences: Nightlife Food & Restaurants Art & Museums Spa & Wellness Personal Assistance & Translation Exploration & Sightseeing Shopping History & Culture Sports & Recreation As a person that loves meeting new people and has plenty of experience showing my city to visitors, I can offer the insider information of a local while still enjoying the feeling of being a tourist in my city, since I myself came to live here 10 years ago and still don't know everything about it.



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